Hockey and stuff.

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Hockey Questions (send me a number)

1. Favorite Hockey Team
2. Least Favorite Hockey Team
3. Favorite Player
4. Least Favorite Player
5. If I were stranded on a island with a player who would it be and why?.
6. If I could spend the rest of my life being best friends with any player who would it be and why?
7. You’re able to meet any player you want for a day and could do whatever what’s the first thing you would do? and what’s the last thing you would do?
8. What player would you want to tweet you and why?
9. Favorite Number on a player?
10. Favorite Brothers?
11. Favorite Hockey Movie?
12. Favorite thing about Hockey?
13. First NHL Game?
14. First AHL Game?
15. If you could become a season ticket holder for one-five teams who would it be and why?
16. Who do you think would be the first player on Tumblr?
17. Favorite Bromance?
18. Favorite Coach?
19. Favorite Nickname?
20. What’s one thing you hate about watching a game?
21. What’s one thing you love?
22. If you could Meet,Become Best Friends with,Interview or Hug any player who would it be?
23. If you met one of your favorite players or team what would be the first thing you tell them?
24. Favorite Retired Player?
25. Favorite Rookie?
26. How did you get started with Hockey?